Microsoft Visual C++ MFC. Win95 WinNT

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ID_FILE_MRU_FILE7 "Open this document"

ID_FILE_MRU_FILE8 "Open this document"

ID_FILE_MRU_FILE9 "Open this document"

ID_FILE_MRU_FILE10 "Open this document"

ID_FILE_MRU_FILE11 "Open this document"

ID_FILE_MRU_FILE12 "Open this document"

ID_FILE_MRU_FILE13 "Open this document"

ID_FILE_MRU_FILE14 "Open this document"

ID_FILE_MRU_FILE15 "Open this document"

ID_FILE_MRU_FILE16 "Open this document"

ID_NEXT_PANE "Switch to the next window pane\nNext Pane"

ID_PREV_PANE "Switch back to the previous window

pane\nPrevious Pane"

ID_WINDOW_SPLIT "Split the active window into panes\nSplit"

ID_EDIT_CLEAR "Erase the selection\nErase"

ID_EDIT_CLEAR_ALL "Erase everything\nErase All"

ID_EDIT_COPY "Copy the selection and put it on the


ID_EDIT_CUT "Cut the selection and put it on the


ID_EDIT_FIND "Find the specified text\nFind"

ID_EDIT_PASTE "Insert Clipboard contents\nPaste"

ID_EDIT_REPEAT "Repeat the last action\nRepeat"

ID_EDIT_REPLACE "Replace specific text with different


ID_EDIT_SELECT_ALL "Select the entire document\nSelect All"

ID_EDIT_UNDO "Undo the last action\nUndo"

ID_EDIT_REDO "Redo the previously undone action\nRedo"

ID_VIEW_TOOLBAR "Show or hide the toolbar\nToggle ToolBar"

ID_VIEW_STATUS_BAR "Show or hide the status bar\nToggle