Microsoft Visual C++ MFC. Win95 WinNT

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ID_FILE_NEW "Create a new document\nNew"

ID_FILE_OPEN "Open an existing document\nOpen"

ID_FILE_CLOSE "Close the active document\nClose"

ID_FILE_SAVE "Save the active document\nSave"

ID_FILE_SAVE_AS "Save the active document with a new

name\nSave As"

ID_FILE_PAGE_SETUP "Change the printing options\nPage Setup"

ID_FILE_PRINT_SETUP "Change the printer and printing

options\nPrint Setup"

ID_FILE_PRINT "Print the active document\nPrint"

ID_FILE_PRINT_PREVIEW "Display full pages\nPrint Preview"

ID_APP_ABOUT " Display program information, version

number and copyright\nAbout"

ID_APP_EXIT "Quit the application; prompts to save


ID_FILE_MRU_FILE1 "Open this document"

ID_FILE_MRU_FILE2 "Open this document"

ID_FILE_MRU_FILE3 "Open this document"

ID_FILE_MRU_FILE4 "Open this document"

ID_FILE_MRU_FILE5 "Open this document"

ID_FILE_MRU_FILE6 "Open this document"